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Personal Training

One-on-one 1 hour sessions at my studio, outdoors or client home gym.

 Personal Grocery Shopping Assistance

Some of us do not know how to read labels and how to choose real food. Let me guide you through the grocery store and help you choose the right foods, real/healthy foods.


Do you have a strong desire to eat healthier? Do you buy a lot of "junk" food at the grocery store? Let me do your shopping for you. I won't buy the junk food only the real/healthy food.

Personal Pantry Cleaning

Cleaning out ones pantry can be an emotional process. However, I believe this process must be done as soon as possible. I will come to your home and get rid of the

unhealthy foods*.       

*(Food will be donated to a local shelter of your choice).

Looking good is 1/2 the battle

You've heard the old adage beauty comes from within. And it does you can look great on the outside and feel terrible on the inside. Here at Erica Fitness, I want you to feel good from the inside out.

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